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How to hide annoying notifications displayed in Firefox when automatic page redirects/reloads are disabled

Firefox provides an excellent feature that prevents pages from being automatically redirected or reloaded via the meta refresh method (Preferences > Advanced > General > Accessibility > “Warn me when websites try to redirect or reload the page”).

Unfortunately, every time automatic redirects/reloads are blocked, the browser shows warning messages telling the user what just happened (“Firefox prevented this page from automatically reloading/redirecting to another page”). If you want to make these annoying notification disappear, you can do that with a simple CSS code. (more…)

How to use NoScript to force the browser to always establish HTTPS connections to specific websites

NoScript has a really nice feature – the add-on can, besides script blocking etc., also ensure that a secure connection is always used when browsing specific sites. And it’s much more user-friendly than other extensions which provide the same functionality. (more…)

The problem with passwords

Thanks to password managers we don’t have to remember the vast majority of our passwords; but we still have to remember something – that is at least the master password. Even though it’s usually often used, there is always the possibility that one might forget it and thus lose all their passwords. So what can be done about this? (more…)